4 Things You May Not Know (yet) About LA

4 Things you may not know (yet) about LA

Our fearless leader, Lisa Scalia, had fun doing some research for us, to enlighten the masses about some little-known things everyone ought to know about Los Angeles. 

Bet you didn’t know these things about streetcars and, Hollywood. 

Here are four of her findings, stay tuned for three more in our next post!

Fact #1

Canter’s Deli – one of the crowning glories of the Fairfax District (down the street from the Original Farmers Market) – was originally located in Boyle Heights.

Boyle Heights, around the turn of the 20th century, was the center of Jewish cultural life and had the largest population of Jewish Americans outside of New York City. Many of these brilliant minds were those that founded Hollywood.

When the Hollywood studios opened in the 20s and 30s, these Boyle Heights residents took 3 streetcars to get to work. They finally built homes closer to their jobs 😉 – this became the Fairfax District.

Eventually Canter’s followed its loyal following.

Fact #2

The bike path from South Redondo Beach to Santa Monica used to be the streetcar tracks for the Red Line.

Fact #3

Forever 21 started as Fashion 21 on Figueroa Street in Highland Park in 1984. The original 900-square feet store is still there.

Fact #4

Tarzana was named for Tarzan! It was the former ranch of Edgar Rice Burrough, who created the fictional jungle hero, Tarzan.


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Diana Scalia