6 Clever DIY Holiday Decorations

6 Clever DIY Holiday Decorations

Even though December is off and running, some of us might just be getting in the game and up for clever ways to decorate that won’t break the bank. The following are some really nice ways to keep things easy and understated, yet classy and fun. They’re simple enough to doll up your workspace as well!

None of these DIY creations require expensive materials, vast Pinterest experience, or long online tutorials. Some take just minutes to make! 


Butcher Paper Tablecloth. Local meat counters would be happy to provide you with inexpensive paper in brown, white, pink, or even black, and enough to line your holiday table. Take paint pens or shimmery markers and design name cards and decorative details, then toss it all when the meal is over.


Citrus-lined candle jars. Dollar stores have lots of jars for votive-size candles. Line them with dried slices of orange, grapefruit, lime, or lemon placed around the votive. (Learn how to dehydrate citrus here, using your oven.) In an otherwise sea of red and green, these light colors in jars are a very pretty contrast. When candles are lit, the citrus lends a sweet, fresh fragrance.


String light lanterns. Any sturdy, large glass jar or canister can double as a lantern and all you need are strings of tiny white or colored lights. Cluster them together inside the jar, light them up, and enjoy the simple sparkle.


Spare little tree. Go out and find one or more sturdy tree branches. Spray them with gold or white spray paint, and place in jars or vases. Decorate with tiny ornaments, and make even Charlie Brown joyfully envious.


Popsicle Stick Snowflakes. Everyone loves that no two snowflakes are the same, so get creative with some popsicle sticks, simple glue, and spray paint. Using pipe cleaners on the bottom makes them into coasters … and voila, now you finally have that gift for the person who has everything.


Gift-wrapped frames. Use a mix of festive ribbons and trims to “wrap” anything in your home that’s in a frame, as if it’s a gift – wall art, family framed photos, framed quotes, etc. This adds a simple elegant touch to every room and, it’s super easy and quick to “take down” after the holidays.


Learn more about these and other great ideas in this great article, from the good people at housebeautiful.com.


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