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A Brief Look at Thai Town

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Thai Town

Thai Town is known as one of the most ethnic areas in Los Angeles. While there is a large Thai population in the area, Thai town is actually home to a number of Latinos, Armenians and other ethnic groups. If you want to learn more about the area, come see local chef Jet Tila’s restaurant in Los Angeles as well as other restaurants in the area when you take the Thai Town Tour through Melting Pot Food Tours.

October 27, 1999

The area that we know today as Thai Town was first designated as “Thai Town” on October 27, 1999. When this occurred, it actually became the first place in the entire United States with that name. During that time, the area was already colloquially known as “Thai Town” with locals even going so far as to call it the 78th province, referring to the fact that 77 provinces make up Thailand. Thai Town is located west of Hollywood and consists of a six block area. You’ll find Thai Town located near Hollywood Blvd, between Normandie Ave and Western Ave. When you first enter into Thai Town, you’ll be greeted by two statues of apsonsi, that are charged to watch over the town. According to Thai folklore, apsonsi is a mythical half human, half lion angel that are known for their love poetry and they are seen as a symbol of love, grace and compassion.

Quality and authentic food

In this area, it’s true that there are also large populations of armenians, latinos, and other ethnic groups. This makes for a trip to the area an excellent decision if you’re looking for quality and authentic food. While you will be able to find things in addition to Thai food, you won’t be able to find more authentic Thai food than in Thai Town. In addition to the restaurants, you’ll find traditional Thai markets, bookstores, sweet shops and more. If you’re looking to learn more about Thai Town, be sure to register for the Thai Town Tour today!