Nana’s Sicilian Rice Dressing

Nana’s Sicilian Rice Dressing Our grandmother’s “stuffing” for Thanksgiving turkey is probably one of our most precious family heirlooms, so I’m sure you understand how much it means to share it with you. We grew up with this recipe. When she was healthy and well enough, my dad’s mother, our Nana, made this for our […]

Lots to Love About Apples

While plotting and planning our Facebook and Instagram posts – sometime in between meals one day – I thought it would be lovely to chat up Apples, because they are such a quintessential gift of autumn.

Unconventional Travel Tips

There is a difference between being a tourist and being a traveler. I gently recommend the path of the latter.

Italian Chicken in Fresh Tomato Sauce

Last month an angelic friend of mine shared the mother lode of his garden’s heirloom tomatoes. For at least a week these babies begged from a bowl on my counter to be made into something divine.

4 Things You May Not Know (yet) About LA

Our fearless leader, Lisa Scalia, had fun doing some research for us, to enlighten the masses about some little-known things everyone ought to know about Los Angeles.

Citrus Biscotti

Biscotti is Italian for “twice baked”. This style of classic cookie has its dough first baked as logs, which are then sliced and pieces are baked again.

Blushing Lemonade

This recipe is reminiscent of one of my favorite summer experiences.