Razzmatazz Cookie Bars

These extraordinary cookie bars – boast buttery, white chocolate and raspberry jam flavors that melt in your mouth. Truly something from our Greatest Hits Collection!

Passion Fruit Trifle-y Dessert

Remember how passionate I was about my Passion Fruit Curd? Well now I’ve elevated that to an even higher realm of the sublime ☺
I have to say that this dessert is one of my Greatest Hits of all time !!

Tuna Poke’ Bowl with Coconut Rice

While I love when someone else makes my Poke’ bowl, on a day when I had some leftover coconut rice in the fridge, I wondered how hard it could be to make at home.

Love Knots

Love Knots first appeared in my experience in 2006 after a visit to Caffe Al Bicerin in Torino, Italy.

French Apple Cake with Spanish Topping

This cake was inspired by Phil Schoen, a fellow tifoso (rabid soccer fan) who is a brilliant soccer broadcaster and storyteller for BeIN Sport and Sirius XM Radio. He is also one of my favorite human beings on the planet.

Mixed Crinkle Oven Fries

September is National Potato Month! So let’s drop in on these last couple days just in time to prepare something incredibly delicious. Oven fries are just that!

Day-tripping as a Food Explorer

Now that autumn has kind of arrived – still warm here in LA – but maybe you and yours would like to do some day tripping, so why not set out as a Food Explorer close to home.

Passion Fruit Curd

Made with passion fruit, this curd is off-the-Richter amazing. Any fresh citrus may be used and substituted easily – you can also mix in the essence of fresh herbs and even rose water if you’d like.


Salmorejo – a Spanish cold soup made of fine olive oil, tomatoes, bread and sherry vinegar – is quite simple to prepare, and incredibly delicious!