Quinoa Pancakes

There have not been that many breakfast-food recipes in our series here and now I’m thinking that this should have been a slam-dunk when this bizarre homestay season began in March. So comforting for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (typical for me).

Greek Salad

A Greek friend and I were having a conversation the other day about this culinary treasure, and he asserted that there are absolute, quintessential Greek salad components.

Mojito Sliders

Chef Di’s recipe for Mojito Sliders won 2nd place in a recipe contest sponsored by the National Pork Board.

Bits about LA Dining Pop-ups

This is a summer like no other, at least in and around LA. More than ever before, more of us are dining al fresco. If you want full service in this town well, that is only box that may be checked at this time.

Doggie Love Puffs

For those pups who are big on treats in general, these might easily become their new favorites. They are so simple to make and, one recipe makes enough to last … at least a few days 😉

Watermelon Pickles

A few summers ago, I was hired to represent the Watermelon Board at a trade show and serve watermelon pickles. Really at first, I thought it was maybe a joke and, it wasn’t.

Salad Nicoise

Even though I don’t consider myself an actual Francophile ;), I do really love things French, and Salad Nicoise is one of my favorite meals ever.

Antipasto Tacos

There is a lot to be said for Recipes that aren’t really recipes. When I first saw a video for how to make these, I was so joyfully envious! I wish that I’d thought of it first while marveling at what a great idea it was.

Gratitude Inspires Garden, and Community

When Katherine Coones moved to Redondo Beach about 3 years ago, she did so reluctantly. Once here, she felt a deep sadness that she wished to remedy safely, so she turned to Gratitude. Her passion for gardening helped her tap a new sense of appreciation. Her conscious decision to turn grief into art has made […]