Day-tripping as a Food Explorer

Now that autumn has kind of arrived – still warm here in LA – but maybe you and yours would like to do some day tripping, so why not set out as a Food Explorer close to home.

Bits about LA Dining Pop-ups

This is a summer like no other, at least in and around LA. More than ever before, more of us are dining al fresco. If you want full service in this town well, that is only box that may be checked at this time.

Gratitude Inspires Garden, and Community

When Katherine Coones moved to Redondo Beach about 3 years ago, she did so reluctantly. Once here, she felt a deep sadness that she wished to remedy safely, so she turned to Gratitude. Her passion for gardening helped her tap a new sense of appreciation. Her conscious decision to turn grief into art has made […]

Virus Crisis => Homestay Season => Healthier Eating

In order to stay uplifted as much as possible these last few months, I subscribed to the Good News Network’s free e-letter (M-F). Many of their stories have both warmed my heart and given me lots of ideas to share on social media.  Most recently, a story appeared with results from a Corona Cooking Survey […]

When the World Opens Up Again

For me, throughout this entire homestay season, I am sincerely interested to know how people are, how they really are.

I thought it would be interesting, as we move closer to getting to go outside more often ;), how people would answer two questions in particular.

World Good News Roundup

It just seems that even short takes of good news can make a world of difference right now – just moments of something good going on, catches us glimpses of hope.

Keeping Children of All Ages Entertained at Home

This business of home sanctuary for an indefinite period has its challenges, doesn’t it? I titled this Children of All Ages because my circle and I feel like 5-year-olds on occasion – we’d all like to pout and melt down then storm out of the room and slam the door.

What Makes Your City Great?

What Makes LA Great? This is something I could wax poetic about all day long, and then some. Here are 4 things that I think make my city of LA great!

Italian Gelato, with love from Sweden

Italian Gelato, with love from Sweden We bet you didn’t know, that Europe’s biggest ice cream shop, has a little American sister of sorts – a gelateria and café in Old Pasadena. Swedish Scoops Homemade Gelato and Coffee Bar, the newest stop on our Old Pasadena Food Tasting Walking Tour, is world-renowned so you can […]

Di and Lisa’s Excellent Saturday Adventure #1

Di and Lisa’s Excellent Saturday Adventure #1 Our friend Andy Harris is co-host of the SoCal Restaurant Show on Angels Baseball radio station 830AM in Anaheim. We enthusiastically accepted his recent invitation to guest on his show for the second time. In October 2012 his show was brand-new, and we were guests to chat up […]