Some notes on 2020 Travel Trends

Taking a little break from my typical culinary theme here, I thought it would be fun to explore what’s going on in travel trends for the New Year and decade ahead.

From Chef Di’s Files: Deep Leafy Greens

Our first topic is Deep Leafy Greens, which of course are those which claim to be the super-est of all superfoods, those which all of the world’s most beautiful people eat in gobs every day (LOL), and those which a lot of us would truly, humbly, like to work into our repertoire more often.

What Food & Travel Intentions are yours in 2020?

What Food & Travel Intentions are yours in 2020? January is traditionally a month to set resolutions and, with all due respect I find that resolution setting is … over-rated. For me, that practice traditionally just sets up disappointment since usually my resolutions last about 11 minutes and then they’re forgotten. I prefer to set […]

What is your Favorite Thing about December / The Holidays?

What is your Favorite Thing about December / The Holidays? We asked our Melting Pot Tours Team for their best bets for the month of December and the Holiday Season. The results are in, have a read! Lisa ~ My favorite holiday tradition would have to be baking cookies listening to Christmas tunes. It really […]

6 Clever DIY Holiday Decorations

Even though December is off and running, some of us might just be getting in the game and up for clever ways to decorate that won’t break the bank.

What We Love About Thanksgiving

The November question for our Team to weigh in on was not that surprising a choice. We hope you enjoy the colorful responses it yielded.

Lots to Love About Apples

While plotting and planning our Facebook and Instagram posts – sometime in between meals one day – I thought it would be lovely to chat up Apples, because they are such a quintessential gift of autumn.

Unconventional Travel Tips

There is a difference between being a tourist and being a traveler. I gently recommend the path of the latter.