Coming Soon: “The GoTo Girls for LA Gastronomy”

The GoTo Girls for LA Gastronomy

Over breakfast earlier this week, at the Original Pancake House (we love things Original) in Redondo Beach, Lisa and I were musing over new topics for blog stories.

In all of that brilliant brainstorming, we opted to start a series, with your Chef at the helm, titled The GoTo Girls for LA Gastronomy.

Since Melting Pot Tours’ inception in 2008, we’ve addressed lots and lots of requests for where  to eat (and what to order), where to shop (and what to buy) and, how to dodge traffic getting to and from these places.

Now. We cannot always accurately predict how to navigate our city’s ridiculous traffic patterns. We are, however – with all due modesty – quite expert at directing locals and visitors to food haunts they will be delighted with, deserving of, and even surprised to know about … the ones they will inevitably love.

Independently-owned-and-operated establishments

Honoring our traditional code of celebrating independently-owned-and-operated establishments, especially family-owned, we now embark upon an exciting – albeit armchair –  extension of Melting Pot Food Tours. Having long-considered ourselves your go-to-girls for food in LA, we are suddenly inspired to officially share more of the myriad of places we have come to know and love in our city and its unique neighborhoods.

To begin, this guidance will live in these blog posts. Ideally, eventually, it will envelop itself all in one place. In one guide. On one site, or webpage perhaps. Maybe there’ll be an app for that.

This is good news, especially for me. The Libran who never meets a stranger. Finally I can direct my new best friends from the grocery store line and other miscellaneous encounters, where to find our culinary-curated wisdom without my committing to future contact. That would just be so nice.

stack of pancakes with blueberries

Some of us just love our pancakes

There is a lot to be said for things Original. And, there are those of us who just love our pancakes. That both-at-once experience turned into a really good day for your Chef.

To begin, modestly 😉 … Here is an absolute recommendation for Redondo Beach’s own home for the best pancakes near the sea! Our favorites are the traditional buttermilk, seasonal pumpkin and, for gluten-free fans, their buckwheat are the best in the land. Their menu also boasts a famous Apple Pancake, crepes, egg specialties and omelettes, waffles, and latkes! Learn more about them here, while I get my first post ready for next week, that will go beyond pancakes by the sea. It’s working title is The GoTo Girls for LA Gastronomy: Mornings in the South Bay Beach Cities.


Until next time, I remain ~
Your Chef and Tour Maestra

Diana Scalia