Doggie Love Puffs

Even though I don’t have a fur baby of my own, I feel like Auntie to everyone else’s pets. I entirely get that these babies are the children of these people, and can especially relate to how women feel about them. I was Mama to a mini-dachshund for the last 7 years of his (17-year) life, and my mom had a birthstone on her mother’s ring for our family dachshund!

Since I care deeply about those I love and their fur babies, I’m very interested when I learn that doggies have their own brand of food sensitivities and in turn, dietary restrictions.

If I’m going to gift a doggie with something from my kitchen, I now do well to ask their people if there are any foods their pup(s) can’t or won’t eat – same question I ask doggies’ people about themselves!

While this recipe may not resonate with all dogs, I can recommend some substitutions (see Notes below) that may work for your pup if he/she in fact would be inclined to enjoy a treat like this.

For those pups who are big on treats in general, these might easily become their new favorites. They are so simple to make and, one recipe makes enough to last … at least a few days 😉

Bone appetito!

Doggie Love Puffs

1 cup all-purpose or white-wheat flour

1 cup milk

2 eggs

¼ cup creamy peanut butter

2 Tbs oil

Coconut oil for greasing muffin cups

Preheat oven to 350F and coat 24-cup mini muffin pan generously with coconut oil.

Combine flour and milk in mixing bowl. Add eggs one at a time, combine well, then stir in peanut butter and oil. Make sure all ingredients are incorporated to create a creamy thick batter.

Spoon a generous tablespoon into each prepared mini-muffin cup. Extra muffin batter may be refrigerated for up to 5 days to prepare more puffs later.

Place pan on middle rack in preheated oven, bake for 13 minutes, until puffs are lightly browned on top. Add time in 1-minute increments if puffs need more time.

Let cool in pan for at least 15 minutes before removing and having your doggie be an enthusiastic taste tester. Repeat process for additional batter.

Yields about 36 puffs.

Notes: If your pup has sensitivities, I hope these ideas help!

  • Good substitutes for wheat flour are ground almond flour, or any familiar-to-you alternative flour that you know works well in recipes (i.e., favorite gluten free blend).
  • Milk may be whole / lowfat / nonfat, or almond / coconut / soy. Any milk beverage may be used, ideally one without added sweeteners.
  • Oil may be olive, coconut, vegetable, seed or nut, avocado.
  • Peanut butter should have no preservatives, additives, sweeteners, salt.
  • Substitutions for peanut butter may be other nut butters, or tahini (sesame); some doggies are sensitive to peanut butter just like their people may be …
  • Any preferred oil may be used to grease the muffin cups; I use coconut oil because it adds flavor and doggies really like it!
  • These may also be made in regular size muffin tins.
    • Grease muffin pan cups in advance.
    • Spoon generous 2 Tbs batter in each cup.
    • Bake them a little longer, about 18-19 minutes (add time in 1 minute increments as needed).
    • This will yield about 18 total treats – bigger doggies may like those better!

And now, it gives me great joy to introduce you to Blake, in whose ocean-view home I made these so that he could be my model for fotos and eager taste tester.

(He loved these.)

Brilliant fotos by that guy behind @thanasitanatsi => check out his fantastic art on Instagram!

Diana Scalia

Diana Scalia

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