Explore East L.A. Like a Local

Explore what East LA has to offer

When you join in on the East LA Latin Flavors Tour, you’ll find yourself in the incredible world of Latin flavors that have been heavily influenced by the Mexican culture of the area. After you try the delicious flavors from various stops on your tour, stick around and explore more of what East LA has to offer. Here are some popular destinations that locals love.

El Mercado

El Mercado, also known as El Mercadito to locals, is a market in Boyle Heights that embodies the traditional Mexican culture that is found in the Boyle Heights community. Inside el Mercado you’ll find a large interior courtyard that is filled with authentic Mexican food, Mexican goods, religious relics and even live mariachi music. In fact, throughout its history, El Mercado has hosted hundreds of Mariachi bands. At this location, pick up authentic Mexican goods or simply stop by for some delicious food. The market is open 7 days a week and is located at 3425 E 1st Street.

Whittier Blvd

Whittier Blvd is a historic and iconic area of East Los Angeles. The area has large Latino roots and therefore has Mexican cultural influences throughout. Along the boulevard, you’ll find street vendors, markets selling garments and souvenirs, fruit vendors, hot dog vendors, ice cream shops, taco trucks and more. Whittier Blvd is also known for its role in the popularization of lowriders and it’s been said that the area was one of the first where lowriders began to appear. Today, it’s not rare to see lowriders cruising down Whittier Blvd. Stop by today and see what you can find on this historic street.

Chicano Resource Center

To learn more about the culture and history of the area, the Chicano Resource Center at the East LA Library is an excellent place to start. The center offers a wide range of multimedia including books, journals, videos, folklore, murals, periodicals and more.