What Food & Travel Intentions are yours in 2020?

What Food & Travel Intentions are yours in 2020?

January is traditionally a month to set resolutions and, with all due respect I find that resolution setting is … over-rated. For me, that practice traditionally just sets up disappointment since usually my resolutions last about 11 minutes and then they’re forgotten.

I prefer to set Intentions because in my experience, Intentions tend to take on a splendid life of their own. They often morph into something else that’s usually better. Or, they take me onto a path I hadn’t thought of before, but wouldn’t have come upon had it not been for setting an intention to begin.

To me, even the word just sounds easier on the ear and is calmer on the mindset. The best part about setting intentions is that they take flight once you claim them, and a friendly Universe starts creating magic around them almost right away.

So I invite you to consider setting some really fun Food and Travel Intentions for 2020. If a genie appeared and said he/she would deliver your 3 intentions related to Food and Travel, what would you ask for?

Here is what I am thinking of ~

  1. I’d love to explore small communities close to home, especially to see what their food culture is like. Lisa and I drove through Monrovia in early December, in the pouring rain and thought this little region would be very inviting in better weather. At the base of the foothills, this little village has boutiques, cafes, and the appearance of mom-and-pop shops lining several blocks. We even have friends in that neighborhood with whom we’d love to reconnect!
  1. Travel-wise, I’d love to return to Greece. I was there only once, as a silly twenty-something girl, and by now I have a much deeper appreciation for this culture, its beauty, and especially its amazing food. I’d love to connect with Chefs and cook there, even as a working holiday but, to simply be a guest for the duration would simply be glorious.
  1. I’d love to resume my practice of trying at least one new recipe a week in my own kitchen. I started this at one time and now can’t even remember when it got sidelined, but it did. The recipes you’ll find here on our Recipes tab will likely be some of those that will be my new creations this new year. 


How would you like to play with this kind of thing in 2020? With all of the resources available online, especially Pinterest to begin (which I love for creating vision boards), you can entertain yourself silly getting lost in fun like this. If you just get started, I will promise you something magical will happen. Intuitively, you’ll know what to do, one step at a time. 

Just don’t get too specific of how it has to be, I love to leave space for miracles to happen or as another friend says, leave room for the butterflies to land. Make it fun – this is most important – and the Universe can’t resist playing along.


Until next time, I remain ~
Your Chef and Tour Maestra

Diana Scalia