Great News from Homegirl Gardens!

Homegirl Cafe

It has been said that if there is ever a chance for peace on earth, there must be urban gardens.

I loved receiving Homegirl Cafe’s good newsletter this week.‍

Homegirl Farms has urban and wall gardens (title photo) in the parking lots of their downtown Homeboy Industries headquarters plus a partnership with Solano Gardens (near Dodger Stadium). They grow 20% of the produce used in their cafe, catering, and goods sold at farmers’ markets.

To help reach their goal of growing 50% of their produce by next summer, new farm-to-table workshops on gardening basics which include a delicious cooking lesson. 

The lovely ladies and gentlemen who tend the gardens and the incredibly delicious Homegirl Cafe, are also expanding the availability of their product line by leaps and bounds. Their signature Homegirl SMASH IT UPS!, Angela’s Green Potion, granola, coffee and more are sold at Farmers Markets in South Pasadena (Thursdays; Mission Street and Meridian Avenue, from 3-8pm), and in Malibu (Sundays, 10am-3pm).

Homeboy Bakery’s exquisite breads and pastries are for sale at the Tuesday USC Farmers Market on campus at University Avenue, from 9am-3pm.

Peace on earth

About the peace on earth idea … peace begins at home. So many people live in crowded, congested, concrete jungles. In the inner cities, “at-risk” is a way of life. Gardening is a self-loving way to slow down and stop the mania, while nurturing seeds that grow and represent new life. Taking care of something and being responsible for its “upbringing” gives one a tremendous sense of purpose, esteem, and pride. Peace can then radiate from the inside out.

Gardens also makes the world more beautiful, ideally making it feel like a safer place to be. It seems like only good can come from all of this.

We applaud Executive Chef Pati Zarate’s success with Homegirl Cafe, and all of the phenomenal work of Father Greg Boyle and Homeboy Industries.

Melting Pot Food Tours is honored to be part of their extended family of support.

Please consider an acquaintance with these beautiful people that truly give special meaning to “City of Angels”. We promise you’ll love the amazing contemporary Latina fare at Homegirl Cafe, and join them on Facebook and Twitter too!‍

May I gently suggest our East LA Latin Flavors Tour which first yummy stop is Homegirl Cafe? We’d love to introduce you personally!


Until next time, I remain ~
Your Chef and Tour Maestra

Diana Scalia