Magic meets a Melting Pot Food Tour

Magic on last minute tour

Just after it crossed my mind to write another story about how amazing our tour guests are, I was gifted with inspiration to craft a new chapter.

Magic always seems to happen when Lisa asks me “last minute” to host a tour so, I always say yes.‍

On a weekday Original Farmers Market tour, I love promising that there is a better chance of meeting merchant-owners, the Market is not as crazy-crowded, and it’s possible to even spot celebrities!

For the record, the Scott Bennett of Bennett’s did scoop their ice cream, the Market became crazy crowded after the tour ended and, we spotted no known celebrities. Except Scott Bennett.‍

It did however, seem like there was fairy dust lining our path and that of other Market customers that day.

While my guests enjoyed their tasting at Pampas (Brazilian) Grill at 11am, we noticed many young men and women walking by, dressed semi-formally in black. We all wondered who these lovely visitors were.


Not shy, I simply asked the two pretty strangers walking toward us. The young lady told me they were madrigals, from Utah. They were singing at venues throughout southern California for 2 days, including Shriners Hospital and Disneyland.

One of my guests, Alan, immediately expressed sincere gratitude and appreciation for their visit to Shriners; he was a Shriner and expected how much the child patients surely enjoyed their performance. He and the young couple had the sweetest exchange about how special their experience was.

Only visiting briefly, and for lunch, they were intrigued and fascinated by our local Market treasure, and asked where they should eat.

Lucky for them ;-), I expertly extolled the virtues of Pampas which was still fairly quiet at that moment. They were eager to first-time-experience authentic Brazilian food and, open to my guiding them through the buffet selections.

But first, Alan told them that he was going to buy their lunches. As a Shriner, he was inspired to thank them personally for their gift to the children. He gently ordered them to load up their plates, and include a beverage; it was his treat.

They were so excited and appreciative

They were so excited and appreciative, and I was in awe. It is said that lovingly kind acts raise the serotonin level of the giver, receiver(s), and observers, so I’m guessing that serotonin levels skyrocketed all around, at that moment.

Once their plates were full and they were seated comfortably to enjoy some of the best food in the land (and they thought so too ;-), we took photos, and exchanged contact information. Finally, I continued hosting my delicious tour.

5 star group with MadrigalsAll tour guests are invited to join our “A-list” of e-subscribers. Mason and Savannah, from Utah, are now official members as well. 

Hopefully they’ll return to LA soon, to experience more of what our great City of Angels is about.

As I reflected on this the next morning, still in awe, my heart warmed with what I’ve always believed to be true.

It appears as though my work is about hosting tours and inviting people to experience our great city through its food.

And, I love to believe that my real work is about meeting the angels in LA – locals and visitors alike – and introducing them to each other. It is my pure joy, pleasure, and privilege to do that in this life.

I think I’ll sign me up for more, thank you.


Until next time, I remain ~
Your Chef and Tour Maestra

Diana Scalia