Virus Crisis => Homestay Season => Healthier Eating

In order to stay uplifted as much as possible these last few months, I subscribed to the Good News Network’s free e-letter (M-F). Many of their stories have both warmed my heart and given me lots of ideas to share on social media. 

Most recently, a story appeared with results from a Corona Cooking Survey that was conducted in Antwerp, Belgium. 11,000 participants were polled in 11 countries, and the preliminary results are in! They revealed that more people are eating healthier, cooking more fresh foods, and consuming more fruits and vegetables.

During these times of stress, rather than indulgence in sugar/salt-laden convenience snacks and foods, home-baked specialties have taken the world by storm! Less have relied on Lean Cuisine and Stouffer’s since many want to cook in their own kitchens; more time at home and less time at work inspired this shift.

More very good news is that these new habits are likely to outlast this quarantine season, as they have extended past the typical 6 weeks it takes to form a new habit.

(May I just say that as a Chef and a proponent of cooking at home, this is such music to my ears!!)

New home chefs expressed that they have felt less stressed about experimenting in their kitchens and feel more confident to explore new foods and recipes, especially because there has been more time to do so.

Many have even learned that it’s possible to cook great meals without spending that much time in the kitchen!

(Did I mention the glorious symphony this sounds like to me?!)

During this homestay season, I have loved enjoying our Tours merchants’ take-out treasures every so often. And, the response I’ve had to new, from-my-own-kitchen recipes that appear on our Recipes page, has been so rewarding. Just knowing that more people are cooking and baking at home these days, makes me feel that some blessings have come from this so-called crisis. 

I really, really love that perhaps many, many people have found a new passion for being in the kitchen. I can promise that only good things can come from that. 

Even – maybe especially – in the wake of a global crisis.


Until next time, I remain ~
Your Chef and Tour Maestra

Diana Scalia