What is your Favorite Thing about December / The Holidays?

What is your Favorite Thing about December / The Holidays?

We asked our Melting Pot Tours Team for their best bets for the month of December and the Holiday Season. The results are in, have a read!

Lisa ~ My favorite holiday tradition would have to be baking cookies listening to Christmas tunes. It really puts me in the holiday spirit, and sharing the cookies with others brings me joy. 

Sabrina ~ I would say one of my favorite Christmas traditions is the day my roommates and I put up our tree and decorations. When I was growing up this was fun family time and now it translates to my “adopted” family, my roommates, as an adult. We put Christmas music on, put the tree up, and put decorations everywhere. It helps get me in the Christmas spirit, especially in Southern California where there’s no snow and sometimes not even cold temperatures to indicate that it’s Christmas time! 

Barbara ~ The Christmas tradition that I love and look forward to every year is our family Christmas sing a long. This will be our 43rd year! It takes place usually the Saturday night before Christmas at my cousins place.  It starts at 5:30pm with dinner which is a pot luck but we always have tamales which is another tradition I really look forward to. Singing usually starts about 7pm. We have a piano player, and we pass out bells and we even have our own song books that my dad made 43 years ago!  We are still using them although they are very worn. We just have such a wonderful time and it is one of the very rare times all of the families get together. How can it not be a good time with delicious food and singing and celebrating the birth of Jesus!! 

Andrew ~ I completely love the holiday season in Los Angeles. The weather stays mellow and warm, but still hints at winter with shorter days and chillier nights. That stretch of time just before Christmas and right after New Years, as many residents fly back home or go on lengthy European trips, and suddenly the city is quiet, the traffic minimum, and the holiday spirit bounces between those of us who are left here admiring our twinkling palm trees.

Nick ~ Adult “kids” in PJs at our house on Christmas morning…best day of the year.

Di ~ My favorite thing about December is baking trillions of cookies in as many varieties (it seems) for gifts, and the pure joy of how they are received by some of the people I love most in the world. For me, it’s a sacred tradition that I’ve shared with my sisters for my entire life. It started a long time ago with our mom, so this year especially it’s a way of holding her spirit close, and keeping her love alive. And it makes December so incredibly delicious.


Until next time, I remain ~
Your Chef and Tour Maestra

Diana Scalia