What We Love About Thanksgiving

What We Love About Thanksgiving

The November question for our Team to weigh in on was not that surprising a choice. We hope you enjoy the colorful responses it yielded:

What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving / What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

The gravy made from turkey stock…turkey and mashed potatoes are no more than that without the gravy.

My family was highly skeptical when I insisted on taking over Turkey duty several years ago. They ridiculed me when I crafted my homemade brine (orange peel, clove, black pepper, sea salt, apple cider vinegar, filtered water.) They laughed in my face when I dunked the bird into the brine 36 hours before Thanksgiving day. They scoffed when I zested 10 limes, 10 lemons, and 10 oranges, and mixed the shavings with butter and fresh time, then shoved it between the breast meat and the top layer of skin. They were merciless when I chopped up the citrus and stuffed them into the cavity. They argued with me when I continued to return the bird to the oven, despite the timer going off. But they were all completely silent when they took their first bites, and second bites, and third bites… and I’ve been making the Turkey ever since.

My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the reminder to give thanks, to count the many blessings in your life. It can be easy to complain or get down about something you don’t have, something not going the way you wanted it to. Stopping and recognizing all the many wonderful things you do have is so important and can change your perspective around completely.

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is simply being around friends and/or family. When I don’t go out of town to visit family, which is more often than not, other LA “orphans” and I will get together for Friendsgiving. We cook together, eat, and then play games for the rest of the day. It’s lovely. And I also love the food! I rarely have turkey any other time of year, but at Thanksgiving I look forward to that delicious combo of turkey and potatoes and cranberry sauce. Salty and sweet, yum! And pumpkin pie!

Working almost every day year-round in Tourism, I’m grateful that Thanksgiving a day off to relax! I am EXTREMELY thankful to God each and every day for all my abundant blessings, same on Thanksgiving Day.
– Barbara

I love the corn casserole I regularly make and it’s always been a hit when I make it in Alberquerque (to visit in-laws). It’s actually a Cooking Light recipe so you can feel good about eating it! Apart from that I just love the tradition of counting on the same delicious dishes every year.
– Lisa

I love cooking with my sisters starting on Wednesday, making some of the same dishes we grew up with, especially our grandmother’s rice dressing. I think our Thanksgiving dinner is the most delicious meal of the entire year.
– Diane


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Diana Scalia