Why Los Angeles is a Melting Pot

LA is truly a melting pot

Los Angeles is a city that gets thousands of tourists visiting every year. From the sunny weather to Hollywood, there are a number of reasons why visitors keep coming. Another reason that Los Angeles is so popular is its varied cuisine scene. The culinary masterpieces that you can find in the city is thanks to the fact that LA is truly a melting pot. People from all walks of life call Los Angeles home. This diversity is one of the things that makes the city such a great place. In fact, without diversity, it wouldn’t even be possible to have Melting Pot Food tours! Thanks to the diversity of this city, guests can enjoy Spanish food in Harbor City, Indian food in Pasadena, and a 100 year old recipe for Irish Corned Beef Sandwiches at the Farmer’s Market in LA.

Los Angeles skyline


Chinatown in Los Angeles has a long history that is nearly as old as the city. In fact, the first Chinese settlers were recorded to be in LA since 1852. The area of Chinatown today, including the Central Plaza was dedicated back in 1938. Since then, the area has been a favorite for locals and visitors alike to visit. The area features fantastic chinese food, authentic dim sum, and a variety of stores and shops to look through.

Little Armenia

Located in East Hollywood, you’ll find Little Armenia, a thriving and diverse community in LA. In addition to many Armenian businesses, churches and restaurants in the area, you’ll also find a number of other cultures that call this area home. There is also a thriving Thai and Latino community in the area. The result is an area that features a number of authentic restaurants serving up some of the best food around.

Placita Olvera

Placita Olvera, also known as Olvera Street, showcases the early history of Los Angeles. In fact, Olvera Street is also known as “the birthplace of Los Angeles” as the area was home to one of the first establishments of the city. Today, the outdoor marketplace honors the Mexican tradition of LA featuring vendors selling handcrafted items like belts, pottery, purses, wallets, leather products and Mexican folk art. Also at Olvera Street, you’ll find Mexican restaurants serving up authentic Mexican dishes.